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General Theoretical Approaches and Models


Article: Unilineal evolution

Article: sociocultural Evolution

Corina Herron Linden I David Wallerstein Essentials of Evolutionary Thought in the Social Science. An Annotated Bibliography
Tom Abel Complex Adaptive Systems, Evolutionism, and Ecology within Anthropology: Interdisciplinary Research for Understanding Cultural and Ecological Dynamics
Carla Aubry Kradolfer Evolution gleich Fortschritt?
Australian Broadcasting Corporation The Descent of Man
Baldwin, James Mark Mental Development in the Child and the Race
Richard Beardsworth From a Genealogy of Matter to a Politics of Memory: Stiegler's Thinking of Technics
Robert Bierstedt Herbert Spencer (1959)
Charles Birch Participatory Evolution: The Drive of Creation
Samuel Bowles Various Papers
Robert Boyd Why culture is common, but Cultural Evolution is Rare
Boyd, Robert, Richerson, Peter J.

Why Culture is Common, but Cultural Evolution is Rare

Fritjof Capra The Systems View of Life
Kelly Chakov Social evolutionism
Marquis de Condorcet Esquisse d'un tableau historique des progrès de l'esprit humain
Peter A. Corning Synergy and Self-Organization in the Evolution of Complex Systems
Phillip J. Cunningham Teilhard de Chardin and the Noosphere
Charles Darwin The Origins of Species

The Descent of Man

The Expression of Emotion in Man and Animals

Richard Dawkins Various Papers
De Rosa, Stefano Das Bevölkerungswachstum als Motor der gesellschaftlichen Evolution
John Durant A Critical-Historical Perspective on the Argument about Evolution and Creation
Karl Eibl Strukturierte Nichtwelten. Zur Biologie der Poesie
Encyclopaedia Britannica Article: Evolution
Article: Cultural Evolution
Fässler, Dominik Selektionskriterien kultureller Evolution
Agner Fog Cultural Selection

Cultural r/k Selection

Computer simulation of biological evolution in structured populations 

Liane M. Gabora Autocatalytic closure in a cognitive system: A tentative scenario for the evolution of culture

The Beer Can Theory of Creativity 

Judith L. Gillies Cross-cultural Analysis
Miguel A. Gual, Richard B. Norgaard

Bridging ecological and social systems coevolution: A review and proposal

Vera Haag Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: Visionär oder Evolutionsmystiker
Julia Haslinger Evolution der Religionen und der Religiosität
Francis Heylighen/Donald T. Campbell Selection of Organization at the Social Level: obstacles and facilitators of metasystem transitions
Geoffrey M. Hodgson

Generalizing Darwinism to Social Evolution: Some Early Attempts

Elizabeth A. Johnson Does God Play Dice? Divine Providence and Chance
John Jay & Jesse R. Kineman Non-mechanical ontology in the explanation of organism and evolution
Pjotr Kropotkin Mutual Aid: A Factor in Evolution (1902)
Kevin L. Laland et. al. Niche Construction, Biological Evolution and Cultural Change
Andrew Lehman/ Marcia Bernsten Evolution and the Structure of Health and Disease
Humberto Mariotti Autopoiesis, Culture and Society
Mary Midgley Evolution as Religion: A Comparison of Prophecies
Jim Moore Carrying Capacity, Cycles and Culture
Milo Rau Persönliche und sachliche Kultur. Kulturelle Evolution zwischen Individualisierung und Sozialisierung
Peter J. Richerson / Robert Boyd Evolution: The Darwinian Theory of Social Change, An Homage to Donald T. Campbell
Elisabet Sahtouris Earthdance: Living Systems in Evolution
Stephen K. Sanderson Evolutionism and its Critics
Herbert Spencer First principles (1862)
Sperber, Dan and Lawrence Hirschfeld Culture, Cognition, and Evolution
Jean Staune Les Humains associés. Que faut-il dire de l'Homme?
John Steward Evolutions's Arrow
Valentin Turchin The Phenomenon of Science
Robert Wright Nonzero. The Logic of Human Destiny


Sociobiological Perspectives and Hominisation

Robin Allott Evolution and Culture: The Missing Links
Francisco J. Ayala The Difference of Being Human
Christophe Boesch / Michael Tomasello Chimpanzee and Human Cultures
Samuel Bowles / Herbert Gintis The Evolution of Strong Reciprocity: Cooperation in Heterogeneous
Boyd, Robert, Richerson, Peter J.

The Evolution of Subjective Commitment to Groups: A Tribal Instincts Hypothesis

William H. Calvin Pumping Up Intelligence

The Six Essentials? Minimal Requirements for the Darwinian Bootstrapping of Quality 

Competing for Consciousness: A Darwinian Mechanism at an Appropriate Level of Explanation

The Emergence of Intelligence

The Ascent of Mind. Ice Age Climates and the Evolution of Intelligence

The Throwing Madonna

Jeremy I. M. Carpendale Constructing an Understanding of Mind: The Development of Children’s Social Understanding within Social Interaction
Leda Cosmides/ John Tooby Evolutionary Psychology: A Primer
Marta Crivos/Fernando Tula Molina Anthropology and Evolution
Arthur C. Custance Genesis and Early Man

Two Men Called Adam

Lloyd deMause Childhood and Cultural Evolution
Theodosius Dobzhanski Ethics and Values in Biological and Cultural Evolution
R.I.M. Dunbar Co-evolution of Neocortex Size, Group Size and Language in Humans
Gil-White, Francisco J. / Richerson P. J. Large-scale human cooperation and conflict. 
Robert Gilman The Human Story
Herbert Gintis et. al. Explaining altruistic behavior in humans
Maria Luiza Glycerio and Janice B. Paulsen Is Noogenesis Progressing?
Mario F. Heilmann Social Evolution and social influence: selfishness, deception, self-deception
Kirby S. The Evolution of Language
Daniel Kriegman / Charles Knight Social Evolution, Psychoanalysis, and Human Nature
Andrew Lehman / Marcia Bernsten Evolution and the Structure
of Health and Disease. A Unifying Theory of Biology and Culture with Medical Implications
Donald Merlin Precis of Origins of the Modern Mind: Three Stages in the Evolution of Culture and Cognition
Eliana Montuori/Juan Carlos Garelli Brief Outline of the Theory of Attachment
John Orbell Evolution, Cooperation & Ethics
Ezequiel Alejandro Di Paolo

On the Evolutionary and Behavioral Dynamics of Social Coordination: Models and Theoretical Aspects

Ezequiel Alejandro Di Paolo Social coordination and spatial organization: Steps towards the evolution of communication
Peter J. Richerson / Robert Boyd The Evolution of Human Ultra-sociality
 Richerson, Peter J. / Robert Boyd

Built for Speed: Pleistocene Climate Variation and he Origin of Human Culture

 Richerson, Peter J. / Robert Boyd Climate, Culture, and the Evolution of Cognition
Richerson, Peter J. / Boyd Robert

Evolution: The Darwinian Theory of Social Change, An Homage to Donald T. Campbell

Richerson, Peter J. / Boyd Robert Built for Speed, not for Comfort. Darwinian Theory and Human Culture
Angel Sanchez / José A. Cuesta Altruism may arise from individual selection
Jeffrey P. Schloss Evolutionary Perspectives on other regard
Linda Stone The Evolution of Kinship and Gender
David Sloan Wilson/Elliot Sober Re-introducing Group Selection to the Human Behavioral Sciences
Richard Wrangham The Raw and the Stolen
Cooking and the Ecology of Human Origins
Thomas Wynn Archaeology and Cognitive Evolution

Journals and other Resources
The Evolutionist
The Evolution of Man
Human Behavior and Evolution Society
Evolutionary Psychology
Psychology, Culture and Evolution


Evolutionary stages and transitions of human societies

De Rosa, Stefano Das Bevölkerungswachstum als Motor der gesellschaftlichen Evolution
Aftab Omar The Evolution of Faith


Candace S. Alcorta / Richard Sosis Ritual, Emotion, and Sacred Symbols: The Evolution of Religion as an adaptive Complex
Robert Bellah Evolution of religion
Theodore C. Bergstrom Economics in a Family Way
Robert Boyd / Richerson, Peter J.

Complex Societies: The Evolutionary Origins of a Crude Superorganism

Robert Boyd/ Richerson, Peter J.

Cultural Evolution of Human Cooperation

H. Haines Brown World History Archives
Ben Cullen Parasite Ecology and the Evolution of Religion
Lloyd deMause The Evolution of the Psyche and Society
De Rosa, Stefano Das Bevölkerungswachstum als Motor der gesellschaftlichen Evolution
James W. Dow The Evolution of Religion: Three Anthropological Approaches
Encyclopaedia Britannica Article: History of he Organization of Work
Adam Ferguson An Essay on the History of Civil Society
Christine Ward Gailey Community, State and Questions of Social Evolution in Marx’s Ethnological Notebooks
John Giacobbe The current role of evolutionary theory in archeological thought
Henrich, J. / Gil-White, F. J. The evolution of Prestige. Freely conferred deference as a mechanism for enhancing the benefits of cultural transmission
James Q. Jacobs Reflections on Prehistory
Kradin, Nikolay N. Cultural Complexity of Pastoral Nomads
Deepak Lal Culture, Democracy and Development
John Landon World History And The Eonic Effect
Civilization, Darwinism, and Theories of Evolution
Ted C. Lewellen Deviant Religion and Cultural Evolution: The Aymara Case
Andrew Lock / Charles R. Peters (Eds.) Handbook of Human Symbolic Evolution
Karl W. Luckert Toward Understanding Headhunter and Cannibal Religion
Childhood and History
Lloyd deMause
Henry Sumner Maine Lectures on the Early History of Institutions Ancient Law
Karl Marx Precapitalist Economic Formations
George Modelsky The Evolutionary World Politics Homepage

Human Civilization as learning Project

Morgan, Lewis Henry Ancient Society

Ilkka Pyysiäinen

Amazing grace: Religion and the evolution of the human mind

Peter J. Richerson/ Robert Boyd Complex Societies: The Evolutionary Dynamics of a Crude Superorganism

Institutional Evolution in the Holocene: The Rise of Complex Societies

Matt J. Rossano The Religious Mind and the Evolution of religious Forms
Nikolai R. Rozov Towards an Evolutionary Structure of World History
Andrew Schmookler The Parable of the Tribes
DMR Sekhar Evolution of Human Societies
Georg Simmel Die Erweiterung der Gruppe und die Ausbildung der Individualität
John Stewart Evolution's Arrow - The direction of evolution and the future of humanity
Peter Turchin / Sergey Gavrilets Evolution of Complex Hierarchical Societies
Christoph Zürcher Das Erwachen des Bewusstseins


Evolutionary Change within Modern Societies

Robert E. Babe Economics and Information: Toward a New (and More Sustainable) Worldview
Christopher Chase-Dunn / Thomas D. Hall Paradigms Bridged: Institutional Materialism and World-Systemic Evolution
Christopher Chase-Dunn Ecological Degragadation and the Evolution of World Systems
Peter A. Corning Synergy, Cybernetics, and the Evolution of Politics
Robert Costanza et. al. Sustainability or Collapse: What Can We Learn from Integrating the History of Humans and the Rest of Nature
Jey Earley Social Evolution and the Planetary Crisis
Alexander Laszlo The Nature of Evolution
George Modelsky The Evolutionary World Politics Homepage
George Modelsky World System evolution
Brian R. Gaines Modeling and Forecasting the Information Sciences
Thomas D. Hall The Effects of Incorporation into World-Systems on Ethnic Processes: Lessons from the Ancient World for the Contemporary World
Brian M. Paciotti Incorporating a Theory of Cultural Evolution into Explanations of Male Dispute-Related Violence
William E. Rees

Globalization and Sustainability: Conflict or Convergence?

Georg Simmel Persönliche und sachliche Kultur
Viktor Vanberg Hayek's Legacy and the Future of Liberal Thought: Rational Liberalism Versus Evolutionary Agnosticism



Chris Abel Virtual Evolution - a Memetic Critique of Genetic Algvorithm in Design
Robert Aunger Darwinizing Culture
Robert Aunger What's the Matter with Memes?
Susan Blackmore Memes, Minds and Selves
Susan Blackmore Consciousness in Meme Machines
Paul Bouissac Memes matter
Robert Boyd / Peter J. Richerson Memes: Universal Acid or a Better Mouse trap
Luis Benitez Bribiesca Memetics. a dangerous idea
David Brin The New Meme
Gary Chick

What’s in a Meme? The Development of the Meme as a Unit of Culture

Klaas Chielens / Francis Heylighen Operationalization of Meme Selection Criteria
Klaas Chielens The Viral Aspects of Language
Richard Dawkins Viruses of the Mind
Simon Deakin Evolution of our Time: A Theory of Legal memetics
David K. Dirlam Competing memes Analysis
Kate Distin The Selfish meme
Liang Feng et. al. Towards Human-Like Social Multi-Agents with Memetic Automaton
Liane M. Gabora Meme and Variations: A Computational Model of Cultural Evolution

The origin and evolution of culture and creativity

Charles S. Gulas The Memetics of Trancendent Places
Francis Heylighen

What makes a meme successful? Selection criteria for cultural evolution

Francis Heylighen & Klaas Chielens Cultural Evolution and Memetics
Joshua S. Lateiner Meme-Based Models of Mind and the Possibility for Consciousness in Alternate Media
Aaron Lynch Units, Events and Dynamics in Memetic Evolution
Alexis Morris et al. The Evolution of Cultural Resilience and Complexity
Emilia Nercissians, Saman Amirpour Amraii Can Memetics Resolve the Tragedy of the Commons?
T. J. Olney An Alternative Approach to Gender and Consumer Behavior: Memetics
Hugh S. Pyper The Selfish Text. The Bible and Memetics
Joe Rudich The Linux Meme
Tiktik Dewi Sartika Tracing cultural Evolution through Memetics
Hans-Cees Speel A Memetic Analysis of Policy Making

On Memetics and Memes as Brain-Entities

J. Peter Vajk Memetics: The Nascent Science of Ideas and Their Transmission 
John S. Wilkins What's in a Meme? Reflections from the perspective of the history and philosophy of evolutionary biology Social Science Memetics
On Memetics
Journal of Memetics
Memetic publications on the Web
Other online Texts on Memetics
The World of Richard Dawkins


Cyber-Evolution and The "Global Brain"

Michael Bauwens P2P and Human Evolution



Howard Bloom Biology, Evolution and the Global Brain
Rainer P. Born Prometheus in der Hölle:
Gedanken zur Verbindung von Technik und Kunst - oder: Chancen und Konsequenzen einer globalen Informationsvernetzung
Manuel Castells  Europäische Städte, die Informationsgesellschaft und die globale Ökonomie
Alexander Chislenko Vernetzung im Zeitalter des Geistes
Ben Goertzel Worldwide Brain
Ben Goertzel Essays and Papers
Francis Heylighen

Conceptions of a Global Brain: an historical review

Francis Heylighen References on the Global Brain / Superorganism
Francis Heylighen Towards a Global brain
Francis Heylighen Integrating Individuals into the World-Wide Electronic Network
Francis Heylighen/ Johan Bollen The World-Wide Web as a Super-Brain: from metaphor to model
Klaus Mainzer Komplexe Systeme, intelligente Computer und Selbstorganisation
Gottfried Mayer-Kress

Messy Futures and Global Brains

Hans Moravec Die Evolution postbiologischen Lebens
Warren Neidich The Neurobiopolitics of Global Consciousness
Mark. D. Pesce Final Amputation: Pathogenic Ontology in Cyberspace

Primal and Distal unity (de Chardin and the Noosphere)

Principia Cybernetica Web The Social Superorganism and its Global Brain

Basic References on the Global Brain /

W. Boyd Rayward H.G. Wells’s Idea of a World Brain: A Critical Re-Assessment
Peter Russel Auf dem Weg zum globalen Gehirn

The Global Brain Awakens. Our Next Evolutionary Leap

Telepolis Die Geschichte des Globalen Gehirns
The Venus Project
Eric Vereerstraeten Global Intelligence Ideas for Computers
Wikipedia Global Brain



General Resources

 The Darwin-L Web Server

Evolution Research News

Evolutionary Theories in the Social Sciences

Evolution Resources from Nerd World Media

Global Access, Information, and Awareness (GAIA)

Principia Cybernetica Web: Links on Evolutionary Theory and Memetics

The Talk.Origins Archive

The World of Richard Dawkins

Yahoo: Evolution

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